Our vision is to empower employers to:

  • Give employees a platform to express their mental and physical health needs

  • Identify opportunities to create a better working environment

  • Improve safety, continuity and resiliency

  • Prioritise employee and customer wellbeing

Our Story

We started Dynamedics to help organisations deliver remote consultations, assessments and digital wellbeing services to employees, customers and patients. What drives us is the belief that a connected workforce, that is listened to and cared for, lives healthier and more productive lives. By partnering with a team of clinicians and experts, we designed Dynamedics to support employers to meet stringent Health & Safety Executive (HSE) standards, whilst firmly maintaining a people-first, care-first philosophy.

Our Purpose

To help employers support their employees’ health and wellbeing in an increasingly challenging world. To help organisations create seamless and simple healthcare journeys that their clients and patients love. To be the globally recognised gold standard platform for digital health and wellbeing innovation.

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